PLASTICON COMPOSITES project management

Economical and durable solutions facilitator.

PLASTICON COMPOSITES FRANCE assists you at each key step of the fabrication project. Our engineers support your engineering or research-and-development work.

Our main strengths are the design and the optimal conception of complex composite parts which, until today, were mostly made of metal materials.

Anisotropic material par excellence, a composite part will be the subject of a design study which combines ”material” and ”structure” (see opposite). Our parts will be elaborated according to complete specific and functional specifications detailed by all the involved departments (the technical, production, maintenance or sales departments…).

For more than 30 years, we have been providing composite solutions to the leaders of the oil and oceanographic exploration, the water treatment, shipbuilding, chemical, food-processing industries, etc.

“The development of a composite part provides the possibility to ”simultaneously” design the material (which matrix, which reinforcement fibers) and the structure (number of layers, winding angles, etc). Each initial obligation (mechanical, psycho-chemical, ergonomic, maintenance, economical obligations…) is considered very early in the reflection process. In the end, our job consists in providing the optimal and durable turnkey solution, immediately in tune with your initial specifications.”

Jean Yves OLIVRÉ. Technical Manager – Plasticon Composites France.

PLASTICON COMPOSITES FRANCE is your chosen intermediary, available right now to give you the keys to your technical and functional problems :

  • « I have an idea for an innovative product, my internal ressources don’t have any particular skills in the composite field, I need a responsive research unit to help me materialize it quickly, thanks to the conception and production of a prototype. »
  • « One of my customer asks me to reduce the price of a part or a subassembly which is currently made of steel or of a traditional material, I’m looking for someone who can propose a durable and economical composite solution… »
  • « I have developed a functional model approving the principle of an innovative product ; today I need assistance to design and produce a prototype.
  • « I’ve been mulling over my problem for so long that I’m incapable of objectivity and I struggle to find new simple solutions ; I’m looking for an external adviser which will look at it with a critical eye and come up with new ideas. »
To provide you the best support, here are a few examples of our engineering missions :

Example of a preliminary study :

  • definition of the materials (resin/fibers) and the manufacturing process, in accordance with your specifications, based on a pre-sizing.
  • definition of the assembly method (for example, the bonding procedure which enables to meet the expected performances : blind bonding, resin injection).
  • economical feasibility : financial estimate of the project.


Example of a detailed preliminary study :

  • A finite element sizing of the part, in order to define the transition zones, the localized reinforcements.
  • A complete mechanical analysis of the part. A MAJ of the conception (3D model + plans).
  • Calculation of the part’s cost price – possible investment calculations (specific tools, special means).
  • The drafting of the part’s lay-up plan.


In conclusion, Plasticon Composites France can provide you à la carte solutions, all along the project, from the conception to the production stage (Estimate on demand).

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