Carbon fiber solutions – specific development projects

Anti-corrosion / lightness / sustainability/ economical / made-to-measure part / multi-material solution.

Over the last three decades, Plasticon Composites France has developed a unique savoir-faire in the sizing and the fabrication of high performance composite parts. We have carefully selected a high-quality epoxy resin in order to guarantee the sustainability of our technical parts (corrosion, high temperature, microorganism, corrosive agents… etc).  Our products develop in high-standard environments such as the water treatment field, the chemical, food-processing and electronic industries, boiler feed-water, cosmetic cleansing, bio-engineering, oil and gas.
Our engineering service is at your disposal to support you along the development project.

The future is now : ”The Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) implements skills in materials, Non-Destructive Tests (NDT), sensors, system architectures, maintenance, but also in data analysis and modelling ! The SHM is therefore a multidisciplinary science whose aim is to keep and extend the infrastructures’ lifespan, to detect and foresee their failures. This approach is definitely innovating to guarantee the integrity of the structures.

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