Over the last few years, Plasticon Composite France and Nantes University Institute of Technology have developed a strategic partnership in the training of our future executives. Each year, we welcome one or several co-op students enrolled in a vocational degree in IMOCP : Standardization and Implement of Composite and Plastic Materials. This training focuses on several jobs related to : the standardization, preparation, methods, production management and research in the plastic and composite materials new implement processes.

The National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) is a public organization (a public institution dedicated to science and technology, under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. It creates knowledge which serves society. Over the last few years, Plasticon Composite France has developed a major relationship with the CNRS, notably in the renewable energy, the oceanographic research, the telecommunication and the food-processing sectors.

Calcul-Méca, Conception-Méca, Expert-Méca, Fluide-Méca and Formation-Méca form an effective cluster of advice, research & development, studies & mechanical analysis around the materials and structures behavior. Our worldwide services extend from the development of studies and project/product designs, to the standardization or delivery of work, to the approval and maintenance stages. We support our customers and understand their technical and economical constraints thanks to our technical design office dedicated to the special structures of the construction industry, our office dedicated to the calculation of industrial multi-materials, our technical expertise office for industrial structures and equipment and our industrial design office dedicated to multi-material parts.

Originated from the will of the Pays de la Loire region to develop its companies industrial base, in the composite material sector in particular, this 18000-m2 center gathers university and industrial laboratories, an expertise center dedicated to composite materials stemmed from the Cetim (Technical Center of Mechanical Industries), industrial buildings equipped with means of characterization, fabrication, control and completion of composite structures, as well as buildings dedicated to training and information.

Skills in materials (metal, polymere, composite materials…) and their implement for transformation and assembly processes represent a main knowledge in the mechanical sector. Although these technologies are developing step by step, they remain critical for all.

This technological line gathers projects related to : the virtual simulation of manufacturing processes, the implement of innovative manufacturing techniques or the improvement of present methods, innovative assembly processes whether they are mechanical or using the bonding or welding techniques, the characterization and definition of new metal materials use conditions or not, as well as the nano-structured materials or surfaces.

The Cetim workshop (2 000 m2) is dedicated to the development of thermoplastic composite processes :

– Thermocompression coupled with an injection unit
– Pultrusion line

– Q.S. : composite parts fabrication prototype line with high pace

– RTM / Infusion
– Filament winding equipped with a laser heating system
– Welding equipment

– Design office dedicated to the composite structures conception/sizing/optimization and to the processes simulation.

Founded in 1984, the IFREMER (French Research Institute for Sea Exploration) is a public industrial and commercial institution. Since 2012, it has been under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

Thanks to its work and expertise, the Ifremer contributes to know oceans and their ressources better, helps supervise the marine environment and the coastline, and participates in the sustainable development of marine activities.
To this end, it designs and implements observation, testing and supervision tools.

The Bretagne Ifremer center gathers the most important oceanographic community in Europe, and notably teams dedicated to the oceanographic exploration (geoscience, extreme environments biology and ocean physics).

It contributes to instrumental developments and plays a major part in the development and transfer of knowledge (data, models, etc), from the coast to the deep sea. Its teams are well-established all along the coasts of Bretagne.

The Sea Structures Behavior Laboratory (LCSM) has been working on the composite materials subject for 30 years, in order to improve the understanding of composite materials aging mechanisms in the marine environment, and to develop sizing methods for composite enclosures under external pressure. To do so, the Ifremer has specific test means which make these researches possible : Decompression chamber (up to 2400 bar), thermo-regulated seawater aging trays, traction/compression machines (up to 100 tonnes), fatigue in seawater, machines dedicated to the materials physico-chemical characterization (infra-red spectroscopy, DSC, DMA, DVS…).

Created in 1898 in Lille, the Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts (ICAM) awards diplomas to around 600 engineers each year, half of them as part of their apprenticeship. The ICAM is therefore one of the most important French engineering schools.

This institute also offers various training courses and services dedicated to companies.
The ICAM, as a real educational company, invites students to blossom in their private life, as well as to get scientific training. It is a historical partner of Plasticon Composites France for our executives’ training and recruitment.

AMPH is an industrial subsidiary specialized in conventional and digital machining, from unit parts to batch production. We manage all kinds of thermal or surface treatments. We also assembly and sub-assembly.

Our team of 35 qualified employees listens to you wishing to meet your needs. We have a recently-built machine parc of small and large dimensional capacities. Welding is carried out internally. We mainly machine steel, stainless-steel, aluminium, bronze, copper, brass and composite materials.

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