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Over the last three decades, Plasticon Composites France has developed a unique savoir-faire in the sizing and the fabrication of high performance composite parts. We have carefully selected a high-quality epoxy resin in order to guarantee the sustainability of our technical parts (corrosion, high temperature, microorganism, corrosive agents… etc).
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Definition : A Faraday cage is an enclosure used to protect from the electrical and external electromagnetic nuisance, or conversely, to prevent an equipment from polluting its environment. A Faraday cage is often used for accurate electronic or electrical measurements or electromagnetic waves. As Michel Faraday studied it while working on the conductors, the Faraday cage (which is to say an aluminium-conducting enclosure connected to the earth so as to keep a fixed potential) is electric-field-tight (created by a difference in potential, without requiring any power), whether the source is inside or outside the enclosure. This structure can also have an indirect protection effect against disturbances of electromagnetic origin (due to an electric current). This is called ”electromagnetic shield”. For this use, it is not necessary for the structure to be connected to the ground but the effectiveness is highly influenced by the frequency of disturbance, the conductivity and the material magnetic permeability. Unlike a steel solution, our composite solutions, also called ”non-magnetic” solutions, are not affected by the ”Faraday cage effect”.

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