The filament winding process consists in winding up resin-soaked fibers (glass fibers, carbon fibers…) on a mandrel, and then polymerizing the structure (heat-induced polymerization in a sterilizer). The winding machines are digitally controlled and guarantee a perfect reproductibility of the fabrications. As a result, what we get are materials with very good mechanical characteristics (high fiber rate : 60 to 75 % by mass) and with the possibility to place the fibers optimally in the direction of the stress to support.

There are 2 kinds of winding, which can be combined during the tube’s fabrication process :
– Hoop Winding : (90-to-85-degree angle in relation to the mandrel’s axis) (”parallel winding”)
– Helical Winding : (80-to-30-degree angle in relation to the mandrel’s axis) (”crossed winding”)

Playing with the number of ”hoop” and ”helix” in the structure of a tube as well as with the given ”crossed” angle, it is possible to optimize the structure according to the stress supported by the part. After polymerization, the finished part is separated from the mandrel during the ”demandrelling” operation.


The infusion process consists in a pressurized or vacuum injection of a reactive resin in the air gap of a rigid mold where the reinforcement is located (a preformed reinforcement most of the time). Post-curing made in a sterilizer. Product with a nice surface finish.


The fiberglass spray lay-up process consists in applying glass and resin by means of a roving cutter and a sprayer projecting the formulated resin. An air-compressed process. The manufactured parts can have the following characteristics :

– dimensions : limitless, from 0,25 m x 0,25 m,
– thickness and radius of curvature : 5 mm minimum,
– aspect : a smooth face, a natural face,
– production rate : from 50 to 600 kg per man per day.


Here are our possible completion operations on a composite part :

  • Machining rectification of the sides
  • Special cutting
  • Drilling
  • Machining of an internal groove and laying of a stainless-steel ring
  • Bonding of an insert or other additional parts
  • Specific machining
  • Laying of a helicoid

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